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How to download unbundled GNU Tools for STM32

Bryce Schober
Associate III

Where can I download an archive of the GNU Tools for STM32 separate from the STM32Cube IDE?

Alternatively where can I find your open-sourced patches that you list in the information center?


@jemason That is exactly what I want to do - create docker images with different versions of the toolchain. It would be great to be able to to that without having to install the whole IDE.

I would consider seperating the build system/process from the IDE good practice. Shouldn't that alone be a good reason for ST to provide the toolchaine binaries as separate downloads?

Associate III

We are also looking for a way of creating a Docker image with the build tools for CI/CD without the whole IDE. Any news on this?

Associate II

Are there any reason why don't use the official precompiled GNU toolchains binaries from ARM?

ARM GNU Toolchains for R/M-Profile (binutils, gcc, newlib) ONLY*:

*) Toolchains only, no STM32 libraries like HAL

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

ST apply patches to the tool chain - so the official one is not the same as the ST one.


To get more visibility and investigate your issue, could you post the question in a new community thread?



Associate II

Any news on this or where can I find the new community thread?