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[BUG] Device Configuration Tool Resets SYMBOLS in the Project Properties.

Andrea Canepa

STM32CubeIDE 1.3.0

I added the "USE_FULL_LL_DRIVER" symbol in my project properties:


Subsequently I used "Device Configuration Tool" to re-generate the code (even without having made any configuration changes). At the end of the generation, the previously added symbol disappeared:


Obviously if I then try to compile I get an error: I have to add my symbol in the properties again. Really frustrating.

Best regards


Andrea Canepa

Why does STM ignore this report? I wonder if it's worth wasting time to report problems if they are ignored!

Chief II

IMHO this company is making good hardware, but the software division(s), especially STM32 MCU related, are headed by blind ones... Not only they have no taste, honour and ambitions, but they are even unable of understanding that STM32 MCUs would be even more popular (and make more $$$), if they would offer quality (stable, flexible and performing) driver library and related software. And they don't understand that such a software cannot be made by code-monkeys they're hiring in a HAL team.

Associate II


Today I was facing a similar issue, went to the Project Manager :: Settings sections of the MX tab in the CubeIDE 1.1.0 and configured some of the HAL components to be implemented with LL and the symbol reappeared.

It looks like the generator modifies this symbols depending on whether there are actually components implemented with either HAL or LL or both in the generator, which to me it makes quite sense. We could argue whether the generator should preserve the user defined symbols or not, but that's not the point.



From what I understand, the code generator changes everything that could have generated it at another time without considering anything else. So the generator won't change the symbol you created if it doesn't have the same name as the ones it uses. The fact is that that symbol must necessarily be with that name, otherwise the program cannot be compiled.

However I made the report directly through direct support and after numerous tests and exchange of messages, they informed me that this problem will be fixed in a later version. We will see how long we have to wait ..... 😁