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Setting up STM32 VS Code Extension - WSL Ubuntu 22.04

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing an issue with the STM32 VS Code Extension on WSL using Ubuntu 22.04. When attempting to open the extension, the following error is displayed:

"Cannot activate the 'STM32 VS Code Extension' extension because it depends on the 'Embedded Tools' extension, which is not loaded. Would you like to reload the window to load the extension?"

Even after reloading the window, the problem persists. I have verified that the 'Embedded Tools' extension is installed and enabled within WSL.

If I was to reopen this new folder in Windows, the extension would work just fine, so it's definitely the interface with WSL what it causing problems.

Does anyone know if the extension is capable of working on WSL? Has anyone experienced this error as well? I have not found any proper documentation online about the extension.

I would like to test the extension's capabilities for debugging a FreeRTOS framework as my main editor has always been VS Code and interfacing with STM32CubeIDE is sometimes not ideal as I have my own Makefile. That said, your insight on this would also be of great value.

Thank you very much in advance. Have a great day  🙂

Associate II

I have the same issue

I was not able to solve it. In the end I decided to keep using my Makefile and debugging the old way with GDB.