STM32 VSCode extension (MCUs)

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Build & Debug only works once

I have setup a project with a Nucleo-STM32F429ZI.I can successfully start the debugging once.But when I press stop (red square in overlay menu) and then "Start Debugging (F5)" (green driangle in the "run and debug" sidebar) again, it hangs at13-targe...

STM32 VS Code Extension Remote Connection

When working in remote connections, such as WSL or docker the STM32 extension can not be activated with the following error:"Cannot activate the 'STM32 VS Code Extension' extension because it depends on the 'C/C++ Extension Pack' extension, which is ...

MAdle.1 by Associate
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Bigger binary/ with CMake

Hello,We considered using the STM32 VScode extension for our next project but encountered a strange issue.In cubeMX, I created an empty project for STM32U5G9J-DK2, with FreeRtos, NeoChrome and everything related.When I built this project with CMake, ...

image-20240529-121554.png image-20240529-125826.png image-20240529-123910.png

VSCode extension build and only flash program

I started using stm32 MCU's on my university. There we used the CubeIDE. Now I have a board at home for own projects. I wanted to use VSCode with the new extension, because i prefer it over Eclipse / CubeIDE. Now I have two questions. I can debug my ...

maze2go by Associate
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STM32 VS Code Extension and Devcontainer

I am a happy VSCode developer using docker devcontainers to create an easily reproducible environment for development. I am struggling with a strange bug with the "STM32 VS Code Extension" (v2.0.1).If I try to access it, after opening the container, ...

pcb by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U073CCTX SVD File?

Trying to debug my code in VSCode using the Cortex-Debug extension, however, I cannot seem to locate the SVD file for the STM32U073CCTx MCU. The CAD Resources tab for the STM32U073CC does not show anything other than footprints.  Any ideas where I ca...

KoKoTee by Associate
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