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How does one get Ubuntu onto a STMP32MP1?

Senior II

Hi everyone, I recently picked up a STM32MP157F-DK2 board and trying out this embedded linux. Very new to it all.

I did some research and it looks like the traditional way is to use one of the build systems, such as buildroot to create your own distribution, however as to get a more of a feel and going along on my own paste I would like to get Ubuntu onto this board.

Based on the research if you have a .img file it should be the easiest way to get linux up and running just by flashing it to your SD card and having the board boot up from it. This is not the case for me. I tried using this (ubuntu-core-22-pi) reasoning being its a ARM Cortex-A7 as well.

The questions that I have are this, why does it not boot up? I just expect for all the hardware not to be handled properly on the STM32MP157 board but still to boot. Is there even a way to get ubuntu onto this board? Once again this is all new to me I am not even sure what I am doing is correct. I know vendors produce their own linux and what not but I would like to start first using Ubuntu with the graphics preferably.

Any comments are appreciated thank you!

Principal III

Many steps are executed before the Linux kernel is started during boot. The first code is executed from an on-chip boot ROM. See for details. So the entire boot process of an embedded system must be customized/tailored to the hardware requirements. Moreover, the major on-chip peripherals like display drivers, wireless, etc.. must be present in the Linux system.

This all is highly chip (family) specific and IMHO no one has done it for Ubuntu.



Jean-Marc B
ST Employee

Hi @CLeo.1​ 

I found this link that might help you:

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