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OpenAmp library freeRTOS support and thread safety in STM32MP15

Dear board,

I intend to let the Cortex M4 and Cortex A7 cores of the stm32mp151A via Openamp.

On the Cortex M4 the firmware runs on FreeRTOS, and I am studying the example provided.

I see the implementation suggests that the library provided is not RTOS compatible and not thread safe and one should not use RTOS functions such as queues or semaphores within the callbacks. The example provided in facts uses a polling strategy to check for new messages.

Source (readme 'note' section of the freertos echo example):

There are also other threads over the internet where the rtos (un)safety of openamp is discussed.

Is there somewhere a Freertos friendly release of the openamp library for this microprocessor/microcontroller?

If not, would it be possible to change it to make it so, and why wouldn't ST try to do it?


Regards, Matteo