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How to filter BLE p2p Client in STM32WB p2p Server

Associate III

Hello All,

          In My Project I am using STM32WB5MMG  as BLE p2p Server and also many p2p Client.I want filter one particular Client out of 5 Client device,if its possible how to achive it?

ST Employee


I don't know your use case but if it's possible, the simplest thing would be to do the opposite, i.e. to filter the Servers on the Customer side using the ADV data.

If this is not possible, the best solution would be to use the Filter Accept List feature.
Connection Accept List filters devices based on a list of Bluetooth® LE addresses on both central and peripheral side.
If accept list is on the central side, scan results from non-listed devices are dropped and connecting to non-listed devices is not enabled.
If accept list is on the peripheral side, only listed devices can connect and receive scan responses (scan requests and connection requests from non-listed devices are dropped).
However, this method requires a first connection to add a device in Filter Accept List.

BR, Joé