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"Generate Code" with TouchGFX - by using STM32H747 Discovery - folder "STM32CubeIDE" will be not created. Is it possible to use STM32CubeIDE for debugging with STM32H747?

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If I press button "Generate Code" under TouchGFX: With STM32H747 Discovery board folder STM32CubeIDE is missing. But with board STM32H7B3 Discovery kit folder STM32CubeIDE will be created automatically and file ".Project" (for CubeIDE) is generated. Debugging is possible. All works fine. Is it possible to use STM32CubeIDE for debugging with STM32H747?


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TouchGFX 4.17 is now live along a new release of the TouchGFX Board Setup (new name for "Application template") for the STM32H747-disco board based on STM32CubeMX and with a STM32CubeIDE project.


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Alexandre RENOUX


If you look closely the Application Template for H7B3 is version 3.0.0 while the one for H747 is still v1.0.0.

Version 3.0.0 supports TouchGFX Generator and has a CubeMX file .ioc associated. It also supports CubeIDE.

For the H747, we cannot create this version because CubeMX does not support dual core. Therefore, we do not support CubeIDE yet. When CubeMX will support dual core, we will create the Application template 3.0.0 for it and you will be able to debug with CubeIDE.

Right now, I don't know when it's going to be available. Sorry for this.


Associate III

Dear Alexandre,

why do you say 'If CubeMX supports dual core ...'. Surely CubeMX already supports Dual-Core. I use this on the H747 Discovery Board. The CubeMX IDE generates two sub-projects that allow you to use both cores for your application. Surely there's not much connection between them, and if you need data exchange, you'll have to write some user code to manage it.

For me it's a real pity that the dual core H7 devices are not supported in CubeMX, as far as the TouchGFX library in the 'Additional Software' section is concerned. Mainly because at least the H747 is supported in the TouchGFX standalone tool and code is generated for it - but it is very difficult to integrate this generated code into a CubeMX project. Conversely, you need CubeMX to configure all the other modules of the H7 and to have an API available for it. So I really don't understand why the integration into the CubeMX IDE is missing. So I really hope ST is releasing the according module soon. I read something somewhere that CubeMX 6.0 will be available in Mid-July. So that's maybe the earliest time we can expect something.

Best Regards




we decided to use the STM32H757 for a new project (1 of the main arguments was the MIPI DSI interface and of course the 2 MUCs embedded). For testing I have the STM32H757I-EVAL board.

Unfortunately TouchGFX is still not supported in the STM32CubeIDE (1.4.2) for dual cores. So I tried to integrate a TouchGFX project into the project I created with CubeMX (6.0). For me its really cruel, I did not succeed till now. I think its not useful to go on with this kind of developing.

I think sometimes ago I have read in a different topic of this forum, that the TouchGFX for dual core should be integrated in STM32CubeIDE in the 4th quarter of 2020 (sorry, I was not able to find this topic anymore).

Is there any new information, when STM32CubeIDE will support TouchGFX for the dual cores?

Best Regards,



You are right the dual core support will come by the end of this year. When this will come out, we will have an Application Template ready for the H747-DISCO that you will be able to refer to.

Unfortunately I don't know the exact date of this release but it's still scheduled for the last quarter of 2020.


Alexandre RENOUX

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Even if you don't, you can still upvote the existing ideas to make them more visible for ST to make improvements.

Thank you in advance for your involvement,


Hello Alexandre,

right now ST released the dual core support with its Cube IDE 1.5.0 for the STM32H747-DISCO.

Actually it is not really useable as the TouchGFX integration doesn't work as intended.

So I wanted to ask you whether you are actually working on the above mentioned Application template 3.0.0 for the H747-DISCO and when it will be available ?

Thank you in advance for your reply,


We haven't planned it yet so I cannot give you any concrete answer.

All I can say is that we don't guarantee any date but if everything goes well Q1-2021 is worth considering.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Associate II


I am working on TouchGFX for STM32H747 Discovery Kit. I have a design created in TouchGFX Designer. I am looking to integrate this into STM Cube IDE. When I hit generate, I am not able to see the STM project being created in the TouchGFX project folder. From the above threads I got to know that application template for H747-DISCO would be ready by the end of 2020. Is it added? Is there a way to do this? Please let me know.

Thank you,

Arshiya Tabassum


With the release of CubeMX 6.1 dual core projects, like for the H747 discovery board, handle additional softwares. After adding initial support we have faced an issue that caused the projects to be incorrectly set up for multi-context projects in CubeMX. So Dual Core support of the TouchGFX Generator is postponed to the next release of TouchGFX 4.17.0.

Best regards,