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adding items to scroll at run time

jeff belz
Associate II

This of this like an address book, where the user can add and delete people from it. The scroll wheel is on the first screen and it list everyone in the address book. When you click on a person there are feilds you can edit and save. or delete the profile. Also on the first page is a create new contact button. and it brings up a template for the user to fill in. After that the new contact shows up in the list.

Is there an example out there that can do this. It seems it would wild card heavy, but not sure.

ST Employee


If someone has an example as complete please share. Otherwise the "ListLayout Example" available in TouchGFX Designer does some of what you ask: it has a list like an address book where you can delete element by pressing a button on it. So you would need to improve it to your needs. What you will need to look into are the List Layout widget, the scrollable container widget and how to set up Custom Containers. You can always look at how to implement scroll wheel or list widgets but the example is based on the list layout widget.