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"Error: failed to download Segment[1]" error occurs in the middle of downloading the STM32U5A9J-DK touchgfx DEMO project

Associate III


I just encountered "failed to download Segment[1]" error in the middle of tough gfx project downloading.

Demo Board : STM32U5A9J-DK

CubeProgrmmer version : 2.13.0

TouchGFX version : 4.21.3

0693W00000bhE8DQAU.png0693W00000bhE9pQAE.pngError message capture


I found that toughgfx is using the Cubeprogrammer tool for binary downloading.

So I searched if the CubeProgrammer has the STM32U5A9J-DK ext-flash binary but can't find for it.

0693W00000bhE9aQAE.pngSeems tool update is needed.

I also found that cuscumized ext-flashing binary can be created with IAR compiler.

But I don't have the IAR :(

So it would be appreciated if to provide the patch file or update the CubeProgrammer ASAP.

Associate II

Same identical problem me too, using same board and same configuration.

With a little amount of space of images in external memory, like one or two little images in project, it work.0693W00000bhHI6QAM.pngBut with a large image and large amount of external memory used not work.


Any suggestion ?

Heeeeelp please :o

Associate II

I have solved ! 

The problem is with STM32CubeProgrammer v2.13.0, the internal one used by TouchGFXDesigner and STMCubeIDE.

I have found the folder where STM32CubeProgrammer v2.13.00 is installed and I have copied over the old folder where STM32CubeProgrammer v2.10.00 was used.

Now TouchGFXDesigner and STMCubeIDE working fine with STM32U5A9j.


ST Employee

Hello CARHERO and vitom,

We identified the issue and we're working on it. Our apologies for this inconvenience. As a workaround, for now, you can use STM32CubeProgrammer v2.12.0 to flash your STM32U5A9J-DK board.

We'll make sure to patch this in the 2.14.0 version of STM32CubeProgrammer.


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

Thanks for your support. I will try the temp solution as you guided. BTW, when the 2.14 will be released?

Hey~ Good job.

Thanks for your effort.

I will try it.

No I don't, no official date was communicated yet, but I'll keep you updated when I'll have more info about this subject.


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

I see.

Thank you~👍