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USB to CAN interface


Hello ST community,

I'm working on an interface board based on STM32F412 to send CAN frame from a computer using USB communication.

For the moment I'm doing some tests with the CDC stack and the default ST's USB virtual com port driver on Windows 10. My test software is simple, when I receive something from the USB, I send 'OK' to the host. I do nothing more.


It takes around 100ms to get an answer from the STM32, which is too slow for my application (I aim for delays between 1ms and 10ms).


Since it is my first project using USB, I was wondering if it is mandatory and if it makes sense to develop my own stack and windows drivers to reach that delay or if I still can do something with default libraries and drivers from ST.

Thank you in advance for you advices !




ST Employee

Hello @oli_the_true_one 

First, have you increased USB endpoint buffer size?

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