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Associate III

Dear Sir,

I use NUCLEO-L476 , Once I connect it to usb

a new window pop up like with the Caption NODE_L476RG .

Erasing the CPU still the window pop up.

What should I do to make this board to act as plain PCB 


ST Employee

Dear @Ephraimoved ,

This is the ST-Link ( debugger) driver and not the main MCU - for more details refer this STLink firmwares versions :

Hope it helps you 


ST Employee

Hello @Ephraimoved 

As said @STOne-32, This is the ST-Link ( debugger) driver and not the main MCU. You can stop this pop up only using your PC USB ports internal configurations.

Best Regards.


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Probably going to want a board where USB is connected to the L476 and not F103 if you want to work on USB Device firmwares. Or use the NUCLEO-144 family, or DISCO boards 

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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

@Ephraimoved If this popup disturbs you - open the Device Manager in Windows, find this thing under Disk Drives and disable it. Ask you IT at work to help, if not sure.

Also, there are advices to run the ST-Link firmware updater and disable this "disk drive" - but this can break some old software. Try this on your own risk. Disabling the "disk" in device manager is quick and safe, no touching the ST-Link firmware.