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STM32H7A3ZIT6 - Code not automatically starting after power reset

Associate II

Hi Team,

I'm trying to check the PWM generation using STM32H7A3ZIT6 controller. I can be able to see the PWM generation only under debug mode using STLink-V3set. After power reset the software is automatically getting erased from the flash memory. Now the device itself not detecting while I'm trying to flash again the code (Failed to start GDB server in stm32cubeIDE) (No stm32 target found error showing in the stm32CubeProgrammer). Give any solution to resolve the connection issue and share any support components or ICs to add into our circuit. 

And I have attached the circuit diagram images for your reference. 1.png2.png3.png4.png


BOOT0 pulled low?

Stuck in a while(1) for Error_Handler or HardFault_Handler? 

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Associate II

Couldn't able to debug the issue, since the debugger itself not connecting and getting the below issue.




Im Also having the Nucleo-H7A3ZI-Q development board and facing the same issue in the development board also.