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STM32F411RET6 Malfunction


 Hi! We Use STM32F411RET6 IC in our device. When the device is in the factory, STM32F411RET6 can burn the program and run normally. However, in a few weeks, approximately 40% of chips will experience abnormal operation. When erasing the chip, the following error is reported. May I ask what causes such a malfunction?




ST Employee

Dear @hizog ,

Welcome in our STCommunity ! Here are my suggestions based on the screenshot and details provided :

1) take one failing board and try to burn it using STM32CubeProgrammer available on web : this will let you know if flashing algorithms are working fine with your existing environment.  In fact this MCU has 8 sectors but the size is not equal, each sector should be erased separately.


 2) if step 1 is same , we may suspect device and hardware :

    a)Check the VDD level and if inline with the programming parallelism , check all VDDx and VSSx 

    b) VDDA and VCAP pin 30 with the right 4,7uF capacitor value.

    c) 40% is huge on this lot and may a a physical defect , ESD, a marking picture is required and also an analysis for failure by contacting your distributor.


Hope it helps you .


Does the MCU run any code that writes to flash memory? Say using EEPROM emulation?

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