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STM32F070 USB Not working, HSE time out delay

Associate III

STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.15.1

Chip : STM32F070CBT6

HSE : 16MHz

Problem : USB Not working

Observation : HSE Not starting and getting time out delay in "RCC_OscInitStruct" when using HSE and PLLCLK for sysclk ( with and without CSS). MCO output is 8Mhz if error handles is commented.


if (HAL_RCC_OscConfig(&RCC_OscInitStruct) != HAL_OK)




I crosschecked the connections PCB and tried 16Mhz and 24 Mhz Crystals (both 300uW and 160uW)

If i bypass the error handler, then cpu runs @8Mhz and USB shown in device manager but as unknown device.

Driver updates are (stlink009)not working...

HSE Time out Values : varied from 100 to 10000

The same problem exist without USB and any other peripheral. Only HSIRC 8Mhz is working

Can anybody help to solve the issue?

ST Employee

Dear @ManishNair ,


Can you provide you schematics and PCB around the High speed Crystal and also the code used to activate the HSE.  
This will help to understand why the HSE is not oscillating.

Thanks .



I am sorry to say, I can't share the PCB files due to NDA with client.

However I attached the picture of pcb and schematic containing that portion of STM32f070.

Also attached the code (no user code were written as the failure happens at " SystemClock_Config(); " itself)

(Please Note, The PCB is an impedance controlled 10 layer board and I am getting appx 96Mbps Ethernet thruput from Master controller STM32H753, 2 Mbps interlaced ADC data and 16 MBps SD access)