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PTP stack for STM32F4

Associate II

Hey guys! I have been starting to work with PTP on STM32F413 and faced with total lack of documentation. I also saw a few threads here about this problem, and comments that this feature no longer supported. Is it real? And are there any ways to implement slave clock feature for STM32F413?

Few links:


What is PTP?


Associate II

The F413 has Ethernet and PTP??​ You sure?

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Yep of course I was wrong, F417 I wanted to say :))

But the question wasn't in it, I think it doesn't depend of a MCU. The main reason why I asked that is - a difference between forum threads and a few mentions about docs like AN3411 which are not available now. I want to figure out is it feature still supported, and are there any examples of it?

Cause in one link attached to my first topic, one of official ST guys answered that this future is not longer supported, but why? Are there any reasons?

Lead II

ST's work on the PTP is very old and dates back to their first MCUs: STM32F107.

Since then it seems that they haven't done anything about it.

We use the PTP very actively to synchronize acquisitions at the level of an entire site, but we do not use STM32s for that. Too bad because they have other interesting characteristics.

The project managers never wanted us to do ST's work on the PTP.