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LL_RCC_LSE_IsReady loop forever


The issue is gone, but I couldnt understand the source of issue. After a day programming a dev board with stm32h750, almost all peripherals works correctly. However, suddenly the LL_RCC_LSE_IsReady keep return 0 forever. I tried to reload the code, and even modify, but LL_RCC_LSE_IsReady kept loop forever. I have a super cap connected to vbat, so in order to perform a full reset with rtc backup, I made a short circuit in terminals of supercap. After a while, when cap voltage down to 600mv, i turn on again, and debug, and the issue with LL_RCC_LSE_IsReady was solved, now is returning 1. Any clues? Do you think, this could happen again?

ST Employee

Hello @Community member​ 

I not sure about all the details, but i suspect that the RTC locked-up the LSE and you couldn't restart it.

As you said "perform a full reset with rtc backup" solved it, so there is a way to do it by software by doing a backup domain reset (by setting BDRST bit)

Hope it helps



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