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PCB design guidlines for STM32WB5MM module

Associate II


In the page 13 of the datasheet ( there is limited information about the PCB layout guidlines. 

I'd like to know more about the layout on left side of the module in the image shown if the modulle cannot be placed in the corner. 

Also, what are the dimensions of the stitched ground plane on the right side of the module?

Is there a document which provides more detials about the PCB design guidlines?






Lead II

Hello @Vansh  

To have more information about the PCB design of the STM32WB5MMG, you should take a look on the CAD RESOURCES of the chip.

Hope this is helpful. If your question is answered please check this answer as best answer to be diffused to everyone.

Best regards.


hi @Issamos,

Thanks for your reply. On the CAD resources page, I can only find IBIS/BSDL/SVD files. I'd like to know more about the layout guidelines to get the best RF performance.



Hello again @Vansh  

You can take a look to the Schematic Pack of one of the latest nucleo boards and have a look on how to get your design.

Best regards.


hi @Issamos,


I've had a look at that too. It uses the Stm32WB55 chip; my question is regarding the STM32WB5MM module which has an antenna inbuilt. I want to know more about the layout specs for the best antenna performance.



Hello again @Vansh  

If you want so, I suggest you to take a look at:

  • The schematic of a discovery boards using the STM32WB5MM.
  • The AN5129 that give an idea about the STM32WB antenna design.
  • This mooc that speaks in a part on the antenna design and give some other resources about the same thing.

Best regards .


ST Employee

Hello @Vansh ,


Which package are you using? I suggest that you take a look at AN5165: How to develop RF hardware using STM32WB microcontrollers. The document is based on the QFN48 / QFN68 / UFBGA129 reference boards for 2-layer PCBs, and on the WLCSP100 reference board for the 4-layer PCB.

Enjoy reading!


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hi @FBL ,

I am using the STM32WB5MMG module( STM32WB5MMG - Ultra-low-power Module - Dual core Arm Cortex-M4 MCU 64 MHz, Cortex-M0+ 32 MHz with 1 Mbyte of Flash memory, Bluetooth LE 5.4, 802.15.4, Zigbee, Thread, Matter, USB, LCD, AES-256 - STMicroelectronics) not the STM32WB55 chip alone. The WB5MM module has the antenna and oscillators on the module. I cannot place the module as the example in the data sheet and wanted to know more about the PCB layout specs for best RF performance since the internal circuit of the WB5MM module is not given.