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Questions to functional safety according 61508 (SIL 3)

Associate II

Hi together,

I have some questions depending to the qualification proccess. It is planed to use STM32L451, there is an IWDG which is, as the name tells independent, so can I assume that I can do the project without an external watchdog device, if we use the IWDG?

When we assume there is a breakdown of the microcontroller, is the breakdown of the IWDG the second failure or can it happen together (EMC?) or can I compare the IWDG with an external watchdog device.

Is it possible, that the microcontroller has a breakdown, so that the reset-function is not working any more, so that all settings (inputs, outputs, etc.) get stuck in the actual state. Is the IWDG still active in such a situation?

Does the HAL (LL) libraries have any qualification? I want to use it but do not want to test all the libraries.

I want to use the self test library.

Are there other methods or actions to take in account to get a safe application, depending on the microcontroller,  supplementary to the methods in the safety manual?

Thank you in advance for the help.