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MDF and ADF: input data from RAM

Associate II

Is it possible to use the awesome MDF and/or ADF on STM32U5 with input data from RAM? I have not found any configuration for BSMX for this. One use case is an high performance external delta-sigma-demodulator (ADC) on SPI with proprietary data format (24 Bit per channel, MSB first, CRC etc.) for providing the sound data. Another use case is an LSM6DSV16XTR, also connected via SPI.

ST Employee

Hello @FB1,

Input data are only computed by the hardware filter (MDF). The memory transfer is done by the GPDMA.  ADF and MDF have DMA capabilities to unload the software for the data transfer read from the peripheral and written to the memory. Channels 0 to 11 allocated for AHB/APB peripheral to SRAM transfers (in both ways) unless a 2D addressing is required for the memory, or unless the AHB peripheral supports a burst request

I suggest you to read the AN5593 (specially chapter 3.4.7).

Best Regards,


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Associate II

Hello Pierre,

My question is how to provide input data from RAM for MDF and/or ADF? The DFSDM block at STM32F7 for instance has 'parallel input data registers'. What are the corresponding registers at MDF and ADF or what is a proper configuration for BSMX?