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LUT Configuration

Associate II


I need help about LUT configuration of a custom display. I am using STM32L4R9-Disco board. The LUT for the display is given in .xlsx format. However, I am using another display of size 454x454 with that board. Is there any way to generate LUT for that display by myself?

Thank you.

ST Employee


There is a document that explains the LUT computation:


+ we had a prototype with a 454x454 DSI screen, I attach the LUT if that works for you.

I think there is a tab as well in the STM32CubeMX / GFXMMU configuration to import an excel sheet, never tried it myself.

Hope that helps


Hi @Mike_ST,

Thank you for your reply and the LUT header file. However, I guess my question was misleading. Actually, I want to know how to calculate the first and last visible pixel for a 454x454 display. In AN5051, it is said that Table 3 was collected from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not provide that, is there any way to calculate this table by myself? 

ST Employee

OK I see,

you need to obtain these data from manufacturer/seller, you cannot guess the geometry of the display.

Other thing is that you need to get an example of  the typical DSI init sequence, what commands (at least) need to be sent over the DSI lines to properly power on the screen.

Okay, I will try to communicate with the seller. I initialized the display successfully. I also got some help from this post, although I did not understand the process fully. But the touch is not working properly. So I guess there are some mismatches in the first and last pixel of my display (RM69330). Anyway, thank you for your help.