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Failure when migrating STM32CubeMX project to compatible part

Associate II

I have tried to migrate an STM32CubeMX project from the STM32H747AIIx to the STM32H747XIHx using the procedure described here:

How to switch from one STM32 to another using STM3... - STMicroelectronics Community

It failed with the following error message:

"Project Import failed: Import 'STM32H747AIIx' not supported (multiple context)"

Any idea what is wrong???

I am using STM32CubeMX v6.11.0 with firmware package STM32Cube FW_H7 V1.11.1, on Windows 11.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Do you have a more concrete part number? For example use STM32H747AII6 instead of STM32H747AIIx and STM32H747XIH6 instead of STM32H747XIHx?


Yes, in fact the part numbers are STM32H747AII6 and STM32H747XIH6 (CubeMX, however, shows them as STM32H747AIIx and STM32H747XIHx).