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Error Target MCU stm32f401cd

Associate III

Salut la communauté,

J'ai créé une carte électronique permettant de visualiser l'état de la batterie d'un ULM. J'ai utilisé le microcontrôleur STM32F401CD, et j'avais initialement prévu d'utiliser uniquement l'horloge interne HSI du MCU, donc je n'ai pas ajouté d'horloge externe. En voulant programmer ma carte, j'ai remarqué que je parviens à effectuer une mise à jour sur mon STM32 Link/v2, mais je n'arrive pas à cibler mon MCU en SWD (qui est correctement alimenté en 3.3V, comme mesuré). Je voulais donc savoir si le problème pourrait venir du HSI.

Merci beaucoup.


@yassir wrote:

As a first-year engineering student on an apprenticeship in a design office specialized in lithium batteries

In that case, you really should be taking these questions to your supervisors/mentors.

I think the question about your debug connection to the STM32 has now been resolved?

I am in a very small company, we are 6 and there is only one engineer and he's the CEO. He doesn't really know how to solve the probleme about swd debug connection and he adviced me to contact ST. So that's why i am here. 

But that part has now been resolved - hasn't it?

The questions you're now asking are way beyond the STM32 debug connection - they are general circuit design questions.

Currently  i'm remaking a new version of my card, because, the debug connection in my first card wasn't effecient. For my new card, i drew inspiration from existing circuit for SWD and i just add a connector 6 Pins. I'm here to know if my new schematic is good or not. 

And now, @SofLit found another probleme with this part of the circuit:


So i change the circuit with adding a zener and a 20k Resistance:


and i want to know if it's correct ? And if i have to change other part of my global schematic ?

Hello @yassir ,

I'm agree with @Andrew Neil .

The discussion deviated from the original question.

For that please open a new thread and mark Accepted as solution the comment that answered your original question.

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