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Disabling the interrupt

Associate III

I have enabled two interrupts. First one is EXTI  for GPIOA0 Pin and another is UART3 for RXCALLBACK.

I want to disable EXTI interrupt when UART interrupt is triggered and enable again EXTI interrupt once the task is completed.

I used __disable_irq(5) to disable the EXTI interrupt but I am seeing below error on building the project.

./Drivers/CMSIS/Include/cmsis_gcc.h:129:27: note: declared here
129 | __STATIC_FORCEINLINE void __enable_irq(void)
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~

Kindly suggest. I am still learning the interrupt handling. Not sure where I am wrong.


ST Employee

Hello @Nico3

the __disable irq() function disables all interrupt, HAL_NVIC_DisableIRQ(IRQn) is probably what you're looking for! 

Try that out, and keep us updated! 

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Principal III

why disable exti ?

just put higher priority for uart , than exti. so exti will never disturb uart . 🙂

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yes, I would like to implement but m confuse about priority implementation. I see vector table mentioned in datasheet has priority for each interrupt. But STM32 cubeide shows default 0 priority and can be selected in between only 0,1, 2. 

Please clarify. 

Depends on how the NVIC is configured to group them, the M3/M4 implement 4-bits for priority/preemption levels and how those are split, 2-bits for each gives 4-levels.

Even at the same priority level the NVIC shouldn't call another interrupt whilst servicing the current one, it should simply tail-chain it next.

Not 100% sure on the CM0 STM32F0, perhaps look at ST's Programming Manual for the CM0(+) parts, or perhaps Joseph Yiu's treatment of the NVIC via one of his Essential Cortex-M books related to the CM0

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Chief II

Honestly there is no point in using the HAL bloat like the HAL_NVIC_DisableIRQ()/HAL_NVIC_EnableIRQ() functions. Just use the normal ARM CMSIS provided NVIC_DisableIRQ()/NVIC_EnableIRQ() functions.

thanks a lot ...Joesph guide  gave me some clarity on NVIC..