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Concurrent DMA controlled SPIs failing (STM32H7)

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I'm finding that concurrent DMA driven SPI transfers are failing.

its STM32H743, Latest HAL, latest Cube and followed all rules with cache configuration etc etc.

I’m running this in different FreeRTOS threaads and if I put a mutex around the HAL DMA calls then everything works well. Without the mutex it’ll fail after a few calls.

I read one comment in an article somewhere that says that this is an undocumented ‘feature’, if this is true then so be it, I’ll retain my mutexes. – but at least I’ll know it’s not something I’m doing.

Of course, if there are no known issues then I’ll need to go a check my code again, but this is why I guess I’m asking as I’ve spent ages checking it so far.



Show your code and provide details on how exactly it is failing.

STM32H7 is perfectly capable of multiple SPI in use with DMA.

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