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Can we directly connect CAN Rx and Tx of two different board pins and apply the CAN protocol without any external Transceiver module?

Associate II

I am trying to communicate STM32NUCLEOF072RB with STM32NUCLEOF429ZI using CAN Rx and Tx. I went through below YouTube video in which they directly connect RX and Tx but i couldn't able to do this. so kindly let me know is it possible that we can use CAN RX of one board directly connect to Rx of another board and similar Tx without using any transceiver module and 12ohm resistor?

Link :


No, you will see bus errors due to missing dominant/recessive priority bits. A CAN transceiver and two nodes are required.

Keil implements a simple CAN network without transceiver, likely suitable for quick test, with boards on a bench. ie low speed, close together, good grounds

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Khuram Abbasi

It can work by connecting ctx1 to crx2 and vice versa I tried and its working fine . (While this may not currently serve your needs, it could prove valuable to someone else).