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Can the STM32U5 converge to an efficient algorithm, or a few, to enter to low power?


At first this post looks more like a catharsis than a question, but ultimately there is a question.

Why are there as many procedures to enter sleep mode as there are STM32 programmers? There I see Piranha posting his own catharsis, titled "The ST Standby and Shutdown disaster".

My question is, and focusing on the STM32U5, is there one, or set of definitive theoretical and practical guides to follow and get into low power? If entering and exiting low power requires executing dozens of lines of code, I can accept it, although it really not the best of the worlds.


Pavel A.
Evangelist III

There's a low power topic in the MCU wiki ...

IDNK how to request adding content there though.


ST Employee

Hello @dhs

The STM32CubeU5 firmware package includes an example "PWR_ModesSelection" for entering and exiting all supported low-power states, demonstrating a practical and structured implementation of these modes.

as you know, the complexity of implementing these power modes is directly proportional to the intricacy of your application, considering the U5 series supports several main low-power modes, each with several sub-mode options to cover. 

I would also recommend checking the How to optimize power consumption on STM32U5 MCUs application note, it also covers a clear and structured practical example

Also, depending on your application, the U5 offers the unique LPBAM feature that allows peripherals to remain functional in Stop 2 mode, adding to the flexibility and autonomy of power management. the steps may be a bit more complex but they are clearly illustrated in several app notes mentioned in the wiki provided by @Pavel A. 

PS: @Pavel A., I think the community is an adequate channel to request adding content! 

Hope that helps! 


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Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Knowledgebase article, "Tips for using STM32 low-power modes":