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Bootloader v11 + changes

Associate III

I've been using an STM32G474xx in a project for a few years now and have a function that jumps to the bootloader. It seems in a recent rev of the chip the bootloader has changed. I'm finding that I can no longer jump to the bootloader similar to how this post describes.

Now there seems to be a bootloader precheck that requires me to set the option bits to control the boot pins. I'd like to just continue jumping directly into the bootloader without having to edit the option bits. Does anybody know where I can find the address of the actual bootloader?

ST Employee

Hello @PCarn.1 

Which is the old bootloader version and the new one?

What option bits do you use, and you want to keep for jump?

If I understand well: you have changed the Bootloader version to V11 and with this version you can't jump to BL.

As mentioned in the AN2606, you can use the bootloader address: 0x1FFF0000 and jumping directly into the bootloader.

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Associate III

Jumping directly to 0x1FFF0000 doesn't seem to put me in the bootloader. It seems the only way to get into the bootloader is by setting the option bits. I can successfully get into the bootloader on the STM32G474xx but this becomes a problem with STM32L47xx where this no possible way to set option bits to jump into the bootloader. 


I will update with the bootloader versions tomorrow.