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After sending I3C broadcast, loops in Error_Handler

Associate II

The project code for my Nucleo-H563ZI sent an I3C Broadcast sequence for dynamic addressing. I can see the Broad cast sequence on the analyzer. There currently is NO I3C Target on to answer, yet the analyzer does show a NACK after RnW(1). I believe the NACK is coming from the project code somewhere because it is not coming from the target. However, my question is I have tried several ways of trying to change the error and walk it backwards to find out who is calling the Error_Handler() with no success. I am tired of putting in printf() type debug lines in the project code. Does anyone have some ideas that I can use to find out what code pieces is invoking the Error_Handler()?? Is there any software that can be run to monitor the project on STM32CubeIDE and trace back through the stack to see where it's coming from? Built in software even?

ST Employee

Hello @JRM_02 , 

Could you please share more information about you I3C communication : Controller : STM32 and the target : ?

If you need more information about dynamic addressing you can check this WIKI : Getting started with I3C - stm32mcu



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