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Associate III

In my project I am using STM32G030k8, in which I need to use 6 ADC channels and 2 of them are Pa11 and PA12

PA9 and PA8 as gpio .

I couldn't able to configure PA11 and PA12 what is the alternate way to use that channel

ST Employee

RM0454 describes in section 14.3.8 that in mode Fully Configurable only inputs 0...14 can be used, which is also shown in STM32CubeMX. If you want to use ADC1.IN15 and higher, you have to set the ADC to Not Fully Configurable.

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Lead II

Hello @SRAM.11 

If you want to make PA12 and PA11 as ADC_IN16 and ADC_IN15 you need to take a look at RM0454 ADC section. And the DS12991 to understand the mapping of ADC channels.

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Yes ,Thank you so much.

Thank you.


Hi As per my old conversation I got my prototype to with the above adc channel I set the configuration as Not fully configurable and tried to build the project,I am getting same values for all the channels.I used conversion both by polling and DMA using interrupts I am getting the same results.How can I use the PA12 and PA11 channel in stm32G03ok8