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stm32 audio class device, the device cannot start (code 10)

Associate II

I am trying to stream audio from my PC to my STM32F411CEU (custom development board) with USB. Using STM32CubeMX I configured my MCU as audio device class. When I plug STM32, the PC reckognizes MCU as STM32 Audio Device but there is an error, the device cannot start (code 10). I tried on another PC and there is the same issue. I changed the Heap size and stack size. I can also say that I when I configure MCU as Communication Device Class it shows no error. What could be the cause? Thanks for help

Associate II


Did you solve the problem?

I am having a similar problem. The PC recognizes the MCU as "speakers". When I send data, I can receive it via the "AUDIO_AudioCmd_FS" function. But the problem is that I can receive only once.

After that, when I send audio data again from the PC to the MCU, it does not respond (the "AUDIO_AudioCmd_FS" function is not called again).

I was wondering if you can help me with this.