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I started a project from the BSP example for the STM32H735G-DK. I can sample audio from the "line in", but clipping happens above 0.030 V. I had anticipated a range closer to 0.8 V for audio. No .ioc file exists. How do I increase the voltage range?

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Not everything is machine generated.

Perhaps look at the schematics, and the CODEC settings.

Volume settings?



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I explored those files, but haven't yet found a solution. I tried adjusting the volume for as part of BSP_AUDIO_IN_Init(). The volume did adjust the dynamic range of the values (i.e., I could get integer values with different maximum like [-3000,3000] or [-10000,10000] up to [-32768,32767] for 16-bit resolution). But, the clipping still occurs at around 0.030 V.

I read in one of the BSP source files that the ADC has a range of [-Vref, Vref]. If that is the issue, then I am not sure how to adjust Vref.