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How to set required voltage on STUSB4500 IC



     Requirement is:

we are using 3 cell(3.7*3 = 11.1V) battery in our we are using charging IC for that.

charging IC need 15v(max 2A) to charge LIPO we are going to use universal type c charger that Supports 5V,9V,12V, 15V and 20V output.for that we are planning to use STUSB4500 IC

Question :

1)How to set 15v output for my charging IC.

2)I want to use standalone function(without i2c communication) then which setting is required in IC.

3)Which MOSFET are needed for my application? i want to remove T3 MOSFET(Figure 8 in datasheet) and its supporting is OK? i want to use minimum number of MOSFET.

4)Do we require to generate VSYS voltage from LDO?

thanks in advance

Benoit FORET
ST Employee


sorry for late reply.

1) for your engineering trial, I would advise to use the STSW-STUSB002 GUI available from STUSB4500 web page. If your application can support only 15V, You need to set the PDO number to 2: 5V and 15V (5V is mandatory as per USB PD standard).  In order to disable the VBUS path in case it is connected to a 5V power supply, you need to enable the POWER_ONLY_ABOVE_5V feature.

2) nothing to do. The product is plug and play. Connection to MCU is optional, and in order to override STUSB4500 default parameters dynamically if needed.

3) For minimal implementation, please refer to STREF-SCS001V1 schematic: only 1 MOS, allowing to remove both T3 and T4 compared to the datasheet schematic. This is preferred implementation versus using POWER_OK pin as long as you tick the POWER_ONLY_ABOVE_5V feature.

4) No. you can power the IC directly from VBUS input from connector. See again STREF-SCS001V1

Any question or issue,

do not hesitate.