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STSPIn32F0601 based ACIM motor Control

Associate II


we have STSPIN32F0601 based custom designed board for PMSM motor Controller. we have generated FOC code using  MC workbench and it works ok.

Now we want to use ACIM motor in this Hardware (with Little change or No change in Hardware). we are unable to generate code from MC workbench for ACIM using STSPIN32F0601 MCU. we have used single shunt current sensing.

please guide me that how can I generate code for ACIM ( for STSPIN32F0601 MCU and V/f Control Mode) using motor control workbench.

please share if any example code available for ACIM and STSPIN32F0601 MCU.


Gael A
ST Employee

Hello PPate.2,

Unfortunately, ACIM is currently not fully supported by MCSDK and you can't generate projects with any MCU.
However, we provide two ACIM examples that can be found on the main page of the WorkBench. They are designed for NUCLEO-G431RB but could be updated manually to cope with your STSPIN32F0601.

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Hope this will help,
Gaël A.

thanks for your Prompt Reply,

we have tried generating code for ACIM using MC workbench and selecting NUCLEO-G431RB board. But we don't have any idea what we have to change in code to make it work with STSPIN32F0601. Can you guide us in detail or share any doc. available Please.