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IHM03A1 with Nucleo stm32F401 Speed issue


So i've been having an issue with the Powerstep01 driver to run some stepper motors. In my application i'm running 4 stepper motors with a wide speed range (up to 850 RPM or 2980 steps/s). These motors are STP-MTRH-24079D which have parameters (Iph = 6.3A, Rph = 0.3, Lph = 2.1 mH). Now, i'm primarily using the "run" command to move these, and that works well until they cross a certain speed. once this threshold is crossed, the phase current waveform goes wild and the motors slip. I am using the full step mode at about 1100 Steps/s, i'm not sure the relevance. These drivers are being supplied a raw 48V DC from a LiFePo4 Battery pack, using internal clock set to 8 MHz. I've checked the VS levels while running and some voltage is lost at speed which makes sense. But, this behavior seems to be a driver setting of some sort. Any ideas? 


Cristiana SCARAMEL
ST Employee

Hello @bkeating and welcome to the ST Community.

Are you using the device in voltage mode? If so, I suggest you switch to the current mode.

For the configuration of the device in current you can refer to the Application Notes AN4158

Let me know if these info are useful to you, if yes please "Accept as solution".