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not able to run the PMSM motor with ctm009v1 and nucleo F446RE

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Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to run a PMSM motor of 5 KW which is Hall Sensor based. When I try running the motor, it slightly spins after which it is not rotating. I'm using the MCSDK 6 version, also the communication between the pc and the Nucleo is continuously disconnecting. Please help me to resolve this issue...



Thanks and Regards,


Gael A
ST Employee

Hello SivaVishnu09,

Could you please tell me which kind of motor you are using ? Also, have you profiled it ? Using which board ?

If you are using MCSDK 6, could you please tell me which version exactly ?

Concerning the communication issue between the pc and the Nucleo, be aware that NUCLEO-F4 boards should be connected using a 912600 baudrate. This information can be found in the release note of the MCSDK.

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Hope this will help,
Gaël A.

Hello @Gael A ,

I'm using a SM-PMSM motor of 5 kW spec V- 48 V, nominal current - 125, peak 200 amps. I tried profiling it but the board is not being recognised by the profiler since it connects and disconnects continuously.

I'm getting the following error when i try connecting - ASPEP packet unknown

The Boards which i'm using are

i) Nucleo - F446RE as control board

ii) CTM009V1 - as power board

iii) Motor control connector


Softwares used 

i) MCSDK 6.2.1

I'll try changing the usart baud rate tomorrow and will check.

I have the following queries

i) Does Rs and Ld have an significant impact on the motor control or for the motor to run

ii) Can we try sensorless FOC code on a PMSM motor even if it has the HALL sensors?

iii) I'm having the HALL sensors but not sure about what are the pin connections need to be done in the driver board CTM006V1 - would need your help on this.


regards, siva

Hello SivaVishnu09,

First of all, be aware that the profiler is not supported for ICS configurations, it is planned to add this feature in a future release, however you will need to use another power board to profile your motor in the meantime.

To answer your questions :
- Yes, Rs and Ls have a significant impact on the sensorless motor control, they are not used in Hall however. On another note, the profiler also returns a set of other parameters that are useful for getting Speed PID values, but those can be determined by tinkering a bit afterwards.

- Sensorless FOC is doable on a PMSM motor even though it has Hall Sensors, just don't plug them.

- The Hall/Encoder pins are located on the CON8 Connector on the STEVAL-CTM006 driver board, take a look at the schematics here. Be careful of the order (Phase 1 on H1, Phase 2 on H2...)

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Hope this will help,
Gaël A.

Hello @Gael A , 

I have tried changing the baud rate but the profiler is only checking automatically for 2 different baud rates. My motor's Rs and Ls are 10 ohm and 74 uH, but when i key in the parameters its not working. when i connected at 115200 kbps, the fault that is showing is "over voltage".


i) please refer me any other board to profile this motor of 5kW.

ii) can i use low voltage controllers also to profile this motor, if so please help me choose one. 

I find it difficult to profile the motor or to get the exact parameters.



Regards, siva

Hello SivaVishnu09,

While it is true that the "Discover Board" function only works for 1843200 bd/s and 115200 bd/s, you should have no issue connecting your F4 board in 921600 bds, be it to the MotorProfiler using the "Launch Profiler" button then selecting the right baudrate, or to the Pilot by clicking on "Load UI" then selecting the MC_FOC_SDK.qml file.

For such a high current motor, we sadly don't have many boards. However, you can still profile it with a smaller board. The STEVAL-IPM30B power board if you want to use your F4, or maybe an EVSPIN32F0 board with a relatively high current. In any case for profiling use only, a low power driver will do the trick, you will just have to manually change the Max Current and Speed in your .json file afterwards.

Concerning your OverVoltage issue, can you be more specific ? Is it happening right after clicking on start, or is the motor spinning first ? Have you tried reducing the current ramp at start-up ?

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Hope this will help,
Gaël A.