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Hello Everyone,I have been trying to run a PMSM motor of 5 KW which is Hall Sensor based. When I try running the motor, it slightly spins after which it is not rotating. I'm using the MCSDK 6 version, also the communication between the pc and the Nuc...
Hi all,I'm currently having CTM007V1 driver board for motor control application. the control board is stm302r8 MCU and the driver board is STEVAL - TTM001V1. can i use modify the CTM006V1 firmware and replace it with CTM007V1 firmware? Regards, Siva.
Hi all,       I'm Siva, and i need a BLDC motor driver to run a 5kW motor. please suggest me in buying out the right driver board. the voltage needed for the motor is 48 volt and the current needed will be 180A.   
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