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Motor speed control with potenmeioter motor speed control I'm using this X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 NUCLEO-F446RE please show me the method and code to use it thanks i'm a newbie

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Start using motor profiler and attach the motor into the 08M1, Check that you want go with 3Sh or 1Sh and click on board config link.

if you was successfull to spin the motor and get profiler successfull save the motor parameter and open the workbench for making extra parameters, then make the project with CubeMX and downloaded into the board with Cube IDE, the on Workbench side again open the motor pilot and start working with.

thanks for answering me

I am currently testing a 48 volt 600 watt motor.

Tried to test using Profile motor, but motor doesn't run smoothly.

I can only use 12 volts.

When I power over 14 volts there is no motor rotation.

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Still waiting for help from everyone, thanks.



Before to write any code that can take the speed reference from the potentiometer is important that the FW is correctly configured according you boards and motor.

The procedure described above is correct. Motor profiler is optional if you already have the required motor parameter like Stator Resistance, and Inductance, BEMF constant etc

Of course if the profiler works it calculate and estimate these parameters for you.

When you provide 14V using the profiler which is the error that you get? Can you attach some screenshot?



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Thanks for answering me, this is my picture.

From many years I have been working on this one with no success. Thank you.

It can depend by the implemented motor profiler firmware that is not compatible with the specific motor that you are using.

A suggestion in this case is to create the project using the Motor Control Workbench and insert the parameter into it. In particular you can:

Insert the Stator Resistance and Inductance estimated by the profiler or use a RL meter connected between two of the motor phases (and divide by 2)

Compute the Bemf constant (Ke) rotating by hand the motor and use a voltage probe connected between two of the motor phases

Ke is Voltage line to line (so between two phases) RMS value (or peak divided by 1.414) over kRPM

This last one can be computed considering the frequency of the measured BEMF, divided by number of poles pairs (to get the mechanical frequency) and then multiply by 60. Now you have the RPM to get the kRPM just divide by 1000.

You can add this to the Workbench Project.

Filling up the other parameters like poles pairs max application speed etc

The remining steps are to define the sensorless startup ramp and after that the speed regulator parameters....

Unfortunately a lot of steps that the motor profiler does under the hood and you need to do manually.

Good luck