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How to control a Maxon BLDC with hall sensors



I'm trying to drive a Maxon 574741 BLDC motor with hall sensors, using your STEVAL-SPIN3204 evaluation board. I have installed MC Workbench, STM32CubeMX and the STM32CubeIDE. I'm rather new to motor control and the parameter setup for my motor in MC Workbench is a bit tricky.

I finally am able to run the motor with Motor Pilot and the motor is running quiet and with ease, but I cannot seem to control the speed nor the direction of the motor!

There is a potentiometer on the SPIN3204 board but I'm not sure what to do with it. If I activate it in the MC Workbench and then try to adjust it while running the motor, it will cause the motor to change direction in a microsecond and then I get an over voltage error. Even the smallest adjustment on the potentiometer will result in the above.

The RPM meter in Motor Pilot shows an RPM value that might be true, but I cannot change it. The "handle" below the meter, "Speed Reference", is moving of its own and if I try to change it manually nothing happens. Well, if I push it to zero the motor will stop if it is started. And if I try to move it to the negative side and then start the motor, it will actually start in the opposite direction but stop due to an Over Voltage error immediately.

Please help me with this. How can I control the motor speed (other than by changing the bus voltage) and how can I control the direction of the motor?

Best Regards

Leif S