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Associate II


In the generation, warning and fatal errors are occurred as attached,

What's the reasons of these faults and,

How I can solve it ?


Evaluation Board : EVSPIN32F0602S1.

MotorControl Workbench V5.4.8


화면 캡처 2023-11-23 134809.png

cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @yourbryan 

Two small questions on my side. Is the generated project complete? Did you try to compile it? From the log, it seems that the code generation continues and if it reaches main.c chances are high that your project is fully functional.

The second question is why are you still on this old version? MCSDK 6.2.0 brings a lot of fixes that might be worth to test.



Hello, Cedric H.

As I noted, I meet fatal error in the code generation.

I don't know why the fatal errors are occured. that why I post it.


Also, for EV board "EVSPIN32F0602S1" I have to use MCSDK5.4, becasue I can't select this board in the MCSDK6.2. Also that is a advise from ST.



Gael A
ST Employee

Hello yourbryan,

First of all, I think that what my colleague Cedric was asking, is : Despite the workbench displaying fatal errors, have you tried opening the folder and launching your project using your IDE to see if it compiles, and by any chance, even work ?
Even though fatal errors are displayed by Workbench, it does not necessarily mean that your project has been generated incorrectly. Please give it a try.

On a second note, I have checked MCSDK v6.2, and the EVSPIN32F0602S1 is there and I managed to generate a project with it. You need to select Inverter in the General Info tab.

If you agree with my answer, please consider accepting it by clicking on 'Accept as solution'.

Hope this will help,
Gaël A.