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Bug: MCWB doesn't save Speed Sensing Configuration settings


[TOOL]: MC Workbench V. 6.2.1
[DETAILS]: Speed Sensing configuration is not saved for some specific settings (Main Sensor Observer, Auxiliary Sensor)
[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR]: When loading an IOC file in the MCWB, changing a setting in the FOC wizard, saving the IOC and reloading it, I expect the tool to actually save my settings instead of discarding them.
- load provided IOC file in MCWB
- open FOC Wizard by clicking on Speed Sensing Config
- observe the error in the config, fix it by disabling the Auxiliary Sensor and enable Main Sensor Observer "Auto Calculate"
- close FOC Wizard with "OK" to apply settings
- save IOC file
- close MCWB
- reopen MCWB and reload IOC file
- open FOC Wizard by clicking on Speed Sensing Config
-> Main Sensor Observer settings has been reset, Auxiliary Sensor is still enabled

ST Employee

Hello @DMeie.2,

Please check "Motor Control Workbench User Manual" available in WorkBench Tool>About>Documentations>Documentation.

Handling ioc file in Motor Control Workbench is not recommended:
3.3 Loading an existing Project
When clicking on the “Load Project” button (Cf. id 1 Figure 2: ST MC Workbench – GUI (Home View)), a
system dialog window will be shown letting the user select a project file (.stwb6) to load. Loaded Projects
will be shown in the “Project view” (Cf. Figure 34) where the user can refine it.
It’s also possible to load the IOC project file (CubeMx file (.ioc)) with some limitations:
- The IOC file to load must have been generated by the latest ST MC Workbench (version >= 6.2.0);
- No hardware changes are allowed (enable/disable protections, edit current sensing, …);
- Only motor(s) and some firmware parameters can be modified;
In any case, in order to have a full control on the project, using a ST MC Workbench (.stwb6) project file is
strongly suggested.

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Best regards.
amina safy
ST Employee


This issue has been fixed in our new MCSDK 6.3.0 release,
so feel free to download it and try if it solved correctly your issue reported in this post.

Kind Regards.


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