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Edge AI for all. NanoEdge AI Studio autoML tool, now free for STM32 and open to all ARM Cortex-M bas

NanoEdge AI Studio v4.3 is now offered for free to all engineers, giving them the opportunity to create highly efficient TinyML libraries that can be deployed on Cortex-M based microcontrollers. In addition, other enhancements have been integrated to...

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Resolved! Updated CubeAI can't find Runtime

I've updated my code to CubeAI 8.1. The middleware is still deleted... but I can add it manually. However when I build the code I gett the error:Description Resource Path Location Typecannot find -l:NetworkRuntime730_CM7_GCC.a AI_FILES_GENERATOR C/C+...

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KSOdin2 by Associate III
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About Yolov5 being unable to be deployed on CubeAI when transitioning to Onnx

我真的不知道为什么..将出现此问题。将 YOLOv5 转换为 ONNX 后,我无法在其上部署它,因为我的显卡是 1660ti 并将半精度转换为单精度。如果我使用半精度,它可能不支持 16 位半精度(所以要减小我的权重文件的大小并不容易),但如果我切换到单精度,则意味着列表溢出,并且没有指示溢出发生的位置。我真的很相信,事实上,我还没有看到一些 Yolov5 部署在 cubeAI 上......一些大人物知道为什么在这里

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Unable to include header file

Hello! Im using STM32Cube IDE version 1.12.1.Im having isssue with including the header file "ai_platform.h " and "ai_datatypes_defines.h".I have installed X-cube-AI extensions  and all other required extension of Artificial Intelligence.I am getting...


Good Morning , I am working on the following board: need to activate Unicleo-GUI and MLC core on the board.  Do you know how to get it ?Thank you very much. Best regardsLuigi Bibbo'PS: my em...