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STLINK-V2 Clones, blocked by ST with latest FW, STMCubeIDE 1.10.1 ?


usually I have Nucleo's that I work with, but I also have an older Clone that I purchased a long time ago when the genuine ones were not available.

I noticed that after a firmware-update within STM32CubeIDE 1.10.1 the Serialnumber is "odd" and it would not detect the target, so I wonder if it is a cabeling-issue or if ST has bricked those?

Does anyone know what is going on?

Thanks a lot, Seppel


Confusing. ST-LinkV2 stand alone ST brand and vlone? Or STLink built-in ST Nucleo and cloned Nucleo ?

QUESTION: Does ST works with ST ? (What is guaranteed)

Well some of the newer offerings don't use STM32.

I migrated to CMSIS-DAP as a more general solution.​

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for the STM32CubeIDE 1.10.1 I can say:

  • "On Board" debugger of the Nucleo there is no issue.
  • Clone with older firmware (2020?, havn't used it since years) there is no issue.
  • Clone with latest firmware, single digit serial and cannot connect (same cable):


It seems as ST bricks the Clones, but I have no official statment yet, I have asked the suport on this. Not sure why they do it, the V3's are no so cheap, that will make the Clones obolete anyway. Why bother with a slower debugger if you can have the faster one for little more and be sure it works.

However, knowing that these V2 Clones are used by a lot hobbyists, mostly not because they are much cheaper, but because STLinks were mostly sold by B2B shops, it creates a pile of electronics waste. Not really what the planet needs.

Best Regards, Seppel

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

> the Serialnumber is "odd"

What "serial number" is visible in Windows device manager? or lsusb on Linux?

Have you tried the OpenOCD based debugger? 

Hello @Pavel A.​ , where do I find that in the Win-Device Manager?

I have an OpenOCD(FTDI2232H) somwhere, but I have actually never used it, so if you could forward a link how to do that on a Windows-machine, that would be very nice.

Thanks a lot, Seppel

"older firmware" and "latest firmware" are not very specific. Could give precise version numbers of ST-Link firmware, please?

Sure, if you can give me instructions how to, I can give you the exact Versions.

> how to do that on a Windows-machine

If you have the old good ST-LINK Utility: Target->Settings will show "serial numbers" of all connected ST-Links.


  1. highlight a ST-LINK in the device manager default view (Devices by type)
  2. Select View -> Devices by connection and find your ST-LINK (highlighted)
  3. If it is a function of a composite device, go up to the 'USB composite device'.
  4. Properties-> Details->Device instance path

The instance path should look like


The last part 001D00273137510939383538 is the "serial number".

There should be no & chars after the PID_xxxx\ part

Are the "serial numbers" on your chinese dongles same as CubeIDE/Programmer shows?


Using a sw from one vendor on an another vendor hw is by essence untested and no guarantee. Buying medicine online?