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Is there a way to prevent Windows Defender Firewall from blcoking the IDE software?

Associate II

From two days ago I have started to recive a notification from Windows to allow access to the STMCubeIDE from the Deffender FIrewall. I am allowing access to the IDE but the software is still being blocked. I have tried to disable the firewall but the IDE will not allow the debug session to operate. This has happened to me on more than one PC that runs windows 10 as its operaating system.

Principal III

The firewall asks me once after each update because the program (.exe) has changed. When the Defender Firewall window shows up, I click "Cancel", and that's it. The debugger TCP communicaion is on localhost and there seems to be no need to open something in the firewall.

Associate II

Thanks for your response it's very much appriciated. I have a feeling a Windows Defender Firewall update has changed the location of the program (.exe). The desktop shortcut has changed and wont allow access to the software. I can access the software through the .exe file on the C drive, but the debug mode wont operate. I am away to take the IDE off my PC and reinstall it to see if it fixes the issue. I have allowed access to the IDE through the firewall and tried disabling it altogehter, but the IDE will not operate in the debug mode.