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[SOLVED] Virtual COM port on STM32F411 discovery

Associate III

Hi, I am trying to access the Virtual COM port on my STM32F411 VET discovery board but I am not able to find the instructions to do so. I am trying to use serial communication in Simulink where for the STM32F4xx they used the USART2 and VCP com number from device manager. I have two doubts as the user manual is pretty confusing,

1) do i need to make any soldering or changed on the board or change the jumpers to activate the Virtual COM Port.

2) which cable does Vitual com port connect to? the mini USB port or the USB TTL cable, if USB TTL then what pins? 

3) I am trying to access data from the MEMs accelerometer, will the USART be the same for this as well since there is only one USART for serial communication on the board? if yes, which USART?

Help please :(

I am stuck very bad :(


I tried to run my program using a USB TTL232 cable and USART2 was indeed available on PA2 and PA3 like you said, and i used the onboard PA2 and PA3 terminal assuming they should be interconnected to the open PA2 and PA3 terminals, it worked out.