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About the IC used when connecting to USB from STM32H7 through ULPI.

Associate III


We are reviewing a high-speed USB communication interface that connects to the STM32H7 series.

Among the currently commercialized products, there seem to be about three that are used a lot, but there is no choice.

First is the STUPLI01 (made by ST). Due to the BGA 0.5 mm pitch, circuit design is difficult, PCB production is expensive, and debugging is impossible.

The second is the TUSB1210 (made by TI), and since the input/output voltage of ULPI is 1.8V, a level shifter for 12 lines is required in the design.

The third one is USB3300 (Microchips) and is also used for EVM production. However, it actually works, but most of the related articles seem to suffer.

STUPLI01 seems to be the best for performance, but I'm struggling with production difficulty and workability issues. If anyone knows of any other alternatives to this ULPI, please reply.

In addition, ask the person in charge of development at ST company to answer the link below (inquiry on STULPI's production of other package types).

For other packages, there have been 2 or 3 similar questions from others over the years, all of which have not been answered.

Thank you.