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Port SPN3 motor-control examples to DK2?

Associate II

We are considering using a combination of the stm32mp157 and several powerSTEP01 devices in a system with multiple stepper-motors.

The X-NUCLEO-IHM03A1 plugs into the -DK2 just fine, but the SPN3 examples only work on the F0xx, F3xx, F4xx, and L0xx series.

Attempts to port one of the examples to the stm32mp157C-DK2 have not worked.

  1. Where can we get information on porting one platform's (e.g. F4xx) "arduino-style" connector to the stm32mp157C-DK2 "arduino-style" connector?
  2. Has anyone ported other code from the F0/F3/F4/L0 that uses the "arduino-style" connector onto the connector on the stm32mp157C-DK2?
    1. If so, can the code be shared, or the process documented?

We are approaching the GO/NOGO point of using the stm32mp1 and the powerSTEP01. Time is critical on this.

Senior II

Well... I found that "quick and dirty"-Try, i did a couple of months ago. Main purpose was to learn about FreeRTOS and to get my Hardware working with CubeIDE, MX and TouchGFX... (Let´s say it was just a proof of concept xD) There´s also some code for a plc01a1 board inside, which isn´t usable for anybody, because i use a special adapter to "bend" some Arduino pins just for that board to solve pin conflicts with ihm03a1 😉 I´m sorry, but also forget about a lot of old comments in code and the "style". I´m not an engineer and as i said: it was just "quick and dirty" 😉

maybe it´ll help a bit …

ST Employee

Hi @karlchansen​ 

Please pay attention that using MP1 in Production mode the resource management is perform on Linux side.

Refer to :

In order to put this aside for a first step and ease the debug, I recommend you to mature the coproc firmware using the engineering boot mode.

Please refer to :

Hope it help,


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Associate II

Thanks for the file. I have been firefighting another project and am just now getting back to this one. I'll be taking a look at it this weekend.

I have also been dabbling in arduino on the M4-side of the stm32mp1. It looks like @Bumsik Kim​ has put a lot of work into getting the arduino core working on the stm32mp1, and the company megunolink ( has created an arduino library for the powerSTEP01. I am hoping the combination works and will make my tests much simpler.