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MC Workbench GENERATION reports errors for any of the included example projects.

Associate II

Help! I'm new to ST development tools. All I'm trying to do right now is generate an MC Workbench example project. Any example project.

MC Workbench GENERATION always reports the following error:

"The ST intranet updater server is unknown:"

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



MotorControl Workbench 5.Y.4 (

STM32CubeMX 6.4.0 (

STM32CubeIDE 1.7.0 (st-stm32cubeide_1.7.0_10852_20210715_0634_x86_64.exe)

(All downloaded and installed yesterday.)

It does generate a CubeMX project, which generates a CubeIDE project, but that source code is has a massive number of undefined symbols. I have not changed any config or preferences settings. It's all "fresh out of the box", and I'm just following the provided instructions.

((Context: I have 2 new B-G431B-ESC1 boards, and started out trying to build the example projects for that board. When that failed, I started trying other examples, and it looks like the problem is a very basic one with MC Workbench, not related to the examples for my specific board.))


Accepted Solutions
cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @hwa​,

Thanks to your post we discovered some issues with the package released on

I attached to this post a zip file of the B-G431B-ESC1 directory to replace the one present in the Projects directory contained in your Installation folder/MC_SDK_5.Y.4

I personally tested it and did not see any issue for both, potentiometer and ESC.

We are doing our best to learn from what happened to improve the quality of our coming releases.

Best Regards


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Vijay Ganisetti
Associate II


I am also facing the same issue. However, in my case:

Motor COntrol Workbench: 5.4.8

ST CubeMX: 6.5.0

CubeIDE: 1.9.0

When Click on generate new Project, it generates the source file with many errors.

cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @hwa​ 

The MotorControl Workbench generates a file with the .ioc extension in your project folder.

Once this file is generated, MotoControl Workbench calls cubeMX in background to generate your project.

The issue your are reporting comes from cubeMX for a reason that I ignore.

Could you try to open cubeMX tool, and load from there your ioc file generated by the MC workbench.

From cubeMX you have a "Generate Code" blue button, it will generate your project.

Let me know if that does the job.



Helli @cedric H​ ,

When click on generate, and after all the source files generated. Click on close an error occurs "Generation failed".


cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @Community member​ ,

could you start cubeMX tool with your windows launcher.

From cubeMX, open the file C:\Users\vijay\MCSDK 5.4.8\TestProj1_HallSensor_06042022\Test_Proj1_HallSensor_06042022.ioc

Once your cubeMX project is loaded, generate your code from cubeMX.

None of these steps required MC Workbench.

Let me know.


Vijay Ganisetti
Associate II

Hi @cedric H​ ,

Opened CubeMX and generated Code, but an error exists. Previously, in older versions, this error doesn't exist.

Help me to solve this issue.


cedric H
ST Employee

@Community member​,

I do not see any error in your attached screenshot, the pop-up window states that your code is successfully generated.

You selected the STM32CubeIDE toolchain, and it seems that this toolchain is not installed.

If you want to generate a project for another compiler, you can configure it in "Project Manager" tab.

Or you can download stm32CubeIDE for free here.


Vijay Ganisetti
Associate II

Hi @cedric H​ ,

I already installed latest version, cubeiDE 1.9.0


cedric H
ST Employee

Ok, then you should be able to open your generated project by double clicking on your .cproject file located here :  C:\Users\vijay\MCSDK 5.4.8\TestProj1_HallSensor_06042022\STM32CubeIDE

It is weird that cubeMX did not find your cubeIDE installation.


Associate II

Hello @cedric H​ 

Original poster here. What you've suggested that I do is exactly what I already did (see my original post). As I said, workbench does generate a cubeMX project, and cubeMX does generate the cubeIDE project. All the tools appear to be installed, configured, and functioning correctly (except for the reported error which you've said can be ignored).

The original problem remains: the generated project source does not compile. All I want to be able to do as a first step is build and run an example project - any example project - for my B-G431B-ESC1 boards.

Thanks for your help.