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Testing VN5010AK-E, need confirmation that I got the datasheet info right.


Hello to all,

I found this new IC and want to test it for a while, but don't want to fry it before that :D, so just a several questions, where I doubt that I understood the datasheet correctly.

  1. There will be no uC, so I don't need current sensing, so I should put PIN7 to GND via 1K resistor and PIN9 to VCC via 10K resistor?
  2. Datasheet says, that input can be controlled by CMOS levels, but did not found clearly written - what is the max voltage for control pin ? Same as whole IC: 41 VDC ?

The IC homepage:

For testing and learning about this nice IC I am planning to use it instead of 40A automotive relay, to control several 12V fans. I understand that its a bit overkill, as the same could be done by appropriate FET, but I want to have some smart features, like protections and limitations (current, temperature, etc.)

Best regards