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I need help to identify a 512 Kbit serial I²C bus EEPROM from the M24512 series.

I have two differents parts which appear identical, apart from one letter at the end of the reference : M24512-WG for the first one and M24512-WP for the second (photos attached).

Could some tell me what is the difference beetween the two parts ?




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Dear @pepito60 , @Tesla DeLorean ,

Here you go , we sent A PCN to our customers  in 2009 on the difference with an upgraded design. 




Let me know if it helps. and sincerely sorry for the experience you had . Merci depuis Paris 🙂 Metro




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ST Employee

Hi @pepito60 , 

Please note I am not an expert of EEPROM @ST, but when looking at the datasheet Datasheet - M24512-W M24512-R M24512-DF - 512-Kbit serial I²C bus EEPROM (, it comes to me that in chapter 10 ordering information, there is something which could explain the meaning of these extension digits P or G: The Plating Technology (which is identified either by P or G = ECOPACK 2 ). Indeed the exact diffrence between both is not described here, but my understanding would be the plating technology may be different between parts. 

For further details, I would suggest to post a dedicated request to ST support.

Best Regards,

Places like Mouser and DigiKey may carry things like PCN

ST Online Support Request, go here

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Hello GET,

Thanks for your reply but i have already contacted the ST support.

And the response is that they don't know what the P in the marking part he's referring to !

Very usefull !

Hello pepito60,

OK, sorry, I can't help you more on this subject.

For me, contacting support is the best way to get answer for such specific request by reaching the good persons,  when no clear information available in available public documents.

Hope you'll get the answer you want at the end (one can just imagine that, if there is no explanation from ST support, it would be a sign that it may not have impact for customers) .

Best Regards,

Are you sure it's a genuine ST  part, then?

Yes, i'm sure it's an ST part. 

It's just a discontinued part , for the SO-8W package. The support told that was an old part and they don't got the documentation for that part.

The SO-8N package is still active and have a similar top part marking but i don't get a response.

I'm very surprised that ST MICRO don't know their own component marking .

It likely relates to different lead frame, plating, pre-plating, or bond wire materials.

Are you observing a difference in actual functionality or manufacturability driving the issue for you?

ECOPACK2 relates to Halogen free over molding materials.

You should go look for relate PCN, or perhaps via the contact person listed for all of them?

Phone +1 8475853058


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In terms of ordering codes

Older parts use SnPb

Both the pictured parts are defused out of VG - ST Rousset (France)


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Thanks for your research but I've read all the PCN available for the product and no one speaks about the last digit of the first line on the marking part of the device. The numbering order part is clearly explian but not the marking part. 

That's the problem. And ST can't provide the explanation.